Welcome to the NASMGA Sandbox

The sandbox is an appsite that looks like nasmga.com but is completely separate. Its purpose is to provide a place to test ideas and new features.  It is also a place to train on features of the system without actually impacting the data on nasmga.com. Many people can be in the sandbox at one time so no reservations are required. 

You CANNOT hurt anything by using the sandbox. Feel Free to try all the features


You will know you are in the sandbox by the sandbox logo on every page (same logo as nasmga.com with the word "Sandbox" added).  

PRO TIP: If you get done working in the sandbox and want to go to nasmga.com, just type nasmga.com in the browser bar at the top of your screen or open a new browser window and type nasmga.com in the browser bar of the new window